john rah letter to

dear alte:

shit. i had it. being in it and taking part in it. but it wasn't that. i was going to say, maybe i am a woman. but i'm a man about it.

i know what i'm saying. i know some poor fuck will have to analyze this shit in university. is the writer suicidal. what is the writer going to do if it doesn't work.

and stuff.

i miss the water.

hard being a fish in the city.

_duck stop_

what was the american, usa civil war about.

though it lead to a significant difference for the descendants of those kidnapped from africa, it was some other concern. it's a big country. north was a long way away from the south.

they have a pending civil war between those who have and those who have not. when they run out of power to hold those who have not in other lands back, they will have a big problem at home, where those who have not out number those who have. it, amerika, can not be saved. the super structure will either be taken down to build again without such extreme class structures. or it crashes. and the rats and vultures will reign for a while.

and only religious books will survive.

so the library of congress, smithsonian and so many treasures they have, should be moved somewhere else.


i need a short nap before taking my brownies to the street.

_duck stop_

my grandfather was one of my few close relatives that understood why i left the church. it's hard for people not raised by religophonts to understand how big a deal it is to give up your membership which includes a one way ticket to heaven upon finishing life.

god. what a psyque battle. some words are impossible to spell.

we'll leave it at that. or i will start writing about women. the chances are actually pretty high that i'll have sex. if you count all the days in my life, which we won't. and the sex days. way over 1% chance.

especially if i leave the house.

and run into an angel who got my call.

_duck stop_

letter 01.21.02