john rah letter to

dear rahqir :

just keep drivin'. we're almost there.

kanya find some information on mary jane. when does her campaign go public. imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit. a savior come to bring luxury to all. even those who don't smoke her.

and the pricks put her behind bars so they could have toxic luxury for a few. that sucks. 70 years is long enough for this outrageous anarchy against our planet. the war is to protect the planet.

not kill it.

_bunny stop_

it's not just about mary jane, she is ageless. she's part of any healthy life planet where mammals can dwell. the thing of it is, mary jane is only a small part of what has gone behind bars, so someone can sell chemicals. fuck, it's the way it is, no one can do nothin'. if we're slaves and the planet is dying. just play it safe and get a good job. maybe no one will kill you.

pricks. and their goddamn lie machine.

_flower stop_

there ain't a big conspiracy, the world is being run by myopic megalomaniacs. if you are gonna be a megalomaniac, don't be fuckin' myopic. fuck.

i was about an hour later with skating today. and the duck had crossed the bike and blade and foot path. it was the same duck. he almost doesn't look like a real duck. more like a from somewhere else duck. no matter where he goes.

another road side attraction.

_duck stop_

the only right they got is guns. those most wrong need the biggest guns. in usa you can say what you want. kunt. 'cause they took learning to read out of school curriculum many years ago.

fuck off soldier is by a local band. it's rockin' so i like it in this mix.

someone was hear the other day and said, hey. that was done in my studio.

which, if you see in what series of chances that i actually spent 9.90 deutsch marks for a band i never knew nothing about.

that would be like hearing someone play a john rah song. and not know that my surname rah is.

_duck stop_

letter 01.17.02