john rah letter to
lord lobster

lord lobster:

the bunnie holds the book.

disturb until awake.

what i was thinking was, for a joke, we should steal a bunch of ancient, never released text from a race of intelligent wankers. and a whole whack of dinosaur bones. build a space ship and bury the stuff around mars so nasa can go up and discover it.

super intelligent lizard race, evolved into primates and took over earth. and then we sell the documentary to a porno site on the moon. they're gonna be illegal soon. tits have been banned in usa. what they don't know is all skin is sexy and shoulders will become a hit. or people will start to ignore the fanatics and make a few places with less of them. vacuums have none. yet.

i don't always like unnecessary phone calls. or cults.

now i must either put down the pen or jump at an idea.

space. and do we go in it. when we do, do we accept mechanical singularity. i think it would be hell. like what we do now with one god tyrant dictator religions and slavery to merchants laws.

before we doom ourselves to that end, i think we should make an evolutionary jump independent of the machine.

humans have been underestimated and left to waist. we put our hopes in salvation by fax or handy. there are things we don't know about ourselves. how we see and approach reality has influences on it. different ways of looking at it are being burnt out of history. instead of mixing herbs like the witches, gathering and doing it themselves.

no. pay for a pill made from never too certain what.

layers of organized crime. perverting the meaning of capitalism and communism. fools fighting each other over issues that either never heard of or don't understand.

i think it is possible to shut off the oil industry. hell, we survived the dinosaurs to get here. no way should a few pricks fuck the thing up.

the oil companies, drug and war companies are the terrorists. always pointing every direction so no one notices.

that no amount of money buys a new planet.


letter 01.16.02