john rah letter to
big guy

big guy:

making one european currency seemed to me to make awful good business sense. i didn't even care that a small donar was suddenly 5 marks in euro. there are no marks and euros have proven themselves. today, 11:00. earlier where you are and later in china. where they've always seen the sun before us.

which is nonsense. the proclamation is major event. the dollar is in big trouble, as is the empire. it's happening as we watch. live on never was free tv. china eats the usaers empire.

there could be stress. they will have to impeach and apologize to the un, iraq, afghanistan, russia, cuba, south america, central america, most of africa. did i miss any. this likely won't happen. the oily war machine won't go for protocol. protocol would, however, be very sensible now that most of the planet is pissed at them.

and you and i know that the people living there were always good to us. i've never had feelings of terror there. i remember when i was twelve, my dad and i took the bus to chicago. from there we had to go to the train station. only taxies with big black men singing, don't push me, 'cause i'm too close to the edge.

i still see the guy looking at me. he might not remember the little white boy watching him sing to the radio or tape. he might though, he didn't scare me and i didn't look away.

that night on the train, i didn't sleep. the conductor found me looking around his ship, and though i don't remember one thing he said, i can remember my dad thinking it was a happening thing to do.

i really wowed them when in florida we visited a woman who invented games for kids that kids couldn't figure out. she was some happy to see me pick the things up out of curiosity and execute each one without instruction.

i really got 'em going when i called from jail.

just wanna see how it works. for simple things, what ain't sex, once is good. two ain't.

somehow, this is about to support the first point.

maybe it's. okay usaers, you are breaking real serious life rules. if you don't quit it, it will only be messy for everyone. and we all know cowboy's can be nice, we's that been state side. ya knows it's a good folk.

but yous fuckin' up real big time.

and right now. you can't afford it. or you wanna sell us aliens.

_duck stop_

letter 01.14.02