john rah letter to

dear martin:

i often thought, with your pragmatic approach to details, that you should by now be well into discovering something about what's going on. here.

i sometimes think about camping at long point. down there with your parents and your little, gotta know everything we do, sister. and two nameless usaers in our tent. it was the high point for me when the mother and father poked their heads in. the father seemed amused but mother thought we should be ashamed of ourselves. maybe 'cause she'd heard about french kissing.

your parents had a good laugh out of it and you had a belt and rolex you could give to your bitch back at the low rentals. we won't go into details or i'll say things about her breasts. what i really liked and reason i'm writing you, other than it being the best and least dangerous therapy, so long no one believes me, is. rock 'n' roll. are you listening to any.

mostly, the world is curious what you think about the empire of big business and the condition our condition is in. there is a fairly silent war against it but no one really knows where to start.

and did you get yourself a good christian girl. my grandmother told me once in a letter i needed to get me a good christian girl. she never quite knew my stance against the religion that motivated our ancestors to leave the old continent. hell, in europe they had schools and other ungodly debaucheries. no, i need a hot dirty bitch. and she's playing hard to get. bitch.

bitch, in this case means i like her. and a wild wolf bitch that fucks like a wolverine seems to me like heaven. why we talkin' bitches. besides kissin' 'em on the beach when you ain't never gonna see 'em again is a nice thing. that one with legs so long. and not caring. and smokin' and trippin' on the other humans. i can see as plain as now, sitting halfway out to sea in a dingy, hot and hazy, turning red. and that guy swims out to us to tell us it's a nice day.

did he know we were stoned.

the grass from holland is right happening.

_bunny stop_

let's question the twin tower show. it must be one of the bigger somewhat suspicious events in american resent history.

first let's talk 2nd world war. the end of it. technically, the war was over. but the usaers had spent so much of their resources developing little boy and his friends. that they had to show them who was boss. you can't say they staged pearl harbor. thing is, pearl harbor weren't a fuckin' good enough excuse for nukes. einstein told 'em. they knew. kunts. murdering kunts. but oh well. japan was a hit a few years later. world leaders in lots a shit.


letter 01.13.02