john rah letter to

dear kimberly:

today, just a couple hours ago. i saw someone walk toward me who i knew couldn't be you because you ain't never heard of this place. but i knew it didn't matter. i figured i'd watch her till she passed. i didn't have any terribly disgusting thoughts for minutes. i enjoy those moments. they are so seldom. they shoulda sent a few more yous.

before you get me talking like a valley girl. i gotta tell about a mandate what i found. not a date with a man. more like serious shit trouble. it's from the cia so it ain't likely true. they are working on making aliens. last attempt at world military control.


i like mohammad i like jesus too, don't matter what you say though, it only matter what you do.

that was smoke screen -

earth creatures will not be permitted to leave planet.
set technology and understanding back to stone age.

end mandate.


it's bushit logic. and their ain't no aliens.

'sept maybe a few of the pop stars. and pizza eaters. i don't know.

_bunny stop_

773u5dot4dot5 mandate alert. no one knows what they are doing. ignorance has taken over. earth creatures safely doomed to stone age. have packaged requested samples. returning before message.

at a few warps, they get the fuck out.

now we can stop pretending to be stupid.

_duck stop_

know what i mean.

and what do you think about it.

_fish stop_

letter 01.12.02