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well fuck. the sun is out for a last show here on a sunday evening. so i have come down to the river to feel it. the young rebels are making pretty shapes, colours, words. on the wall of the highway that blasts through the city. it's all permitted. even the cars.

bloody fuck.

they had a roller blade race today. 40 euros if you wanna do it. or if you don't got 40 of anything, then at the back with the police, ambulance, bus and guys with yellow vests on. which turned out quite all right. some guy even gave me a banana around km. 16.

but who cares.

i like it. being back almost fit, if you don't count my right shoulder and small partitions in my head. it was hard not to say foot.

don't make me talk about young women. there was just one. and another. all walking around half aware. that jesus died. and all sins were forgiven. especially ones that still gotta happen. stupid word.

father i have sinned.

well tell every little detail.

even when my tongue went.

all. over and over. but things are okay here. it's mostly me that ain't. here. i'm in a sunny twilight zone between fantasy and no idea. which saves on drugs. who needs drugs if you are fried.

you would think legalizing graffiti would discourage it. no. it's then an art form. therapy for kids. so they can get it out early and go get a fucking job. or collect bottles. you don't need many to get some bread.

i'm always 18, board, dissatisfied and lost on sunday evenings. except on the ones where i'm other. those people over there. 11 o'clock. are about to have a barbeque.

i'll come back with a thought.

_duck stop_

pretty bitchin. the trees are brilliant. that one there, 9 o'clock, could be a blue spruce. that there is a real cool cider, like what might inspire emily karr to paint it. be a hell of a job unless you had scaffolding. there's a dog playing with a human. i think summer came back about 12 minutes ago. almost 2 weeks of treacherous weather.

i liked my life so far. not ever second but enough.

when i'm big, i'm gonna get a canoe.


_bunny stop_

letter 01.09.02