john rah letter to
creature boy

creature boy :

we are what we do as long as we do what we are. i wrote many letters right after finishing a love story. i have hoped that it is true but i also think it does not matter. i've believed in the story since the time you and i stood at the first mountain top. there was something.

less we forget.

we,the humans, stand, sitting down before the holy media machine, before a metaphysical and social-philosophic crisis. today i saw new cars, maybe 20 sitting waiting in front of a public school. had it been sunny, i would not have seen them. this morning was runners weather over roller blade.

i swore aloud.

"fuckin' stupid prick assholes."

they had ordained their car, all 70, with the name of christ. they called it a small church. all written on the side of the car. in the usa or byron you might expect such mad absurdities. they want more paying sheep.

what would christ think about having his name blessing an oil burner transport bucket of plastic, metal and other inorganic energy eating materials.

den of thieve, lyers, rapists, murders and holy bantering.

no one, especially the corporate christian, knows much about christ. they accept it or not but never give it a thought.

which is fine. except, like i've said before and may repeat, ignorance is ignorance and the propigating of it as a governing means. it is an outrage against evolution. billions of years to get this far and they want to stop it here.

fuck that.

it is time for the mad to be the sane and the norm to wake up or get out. if we do nothing, the children of our friends will curse our graves. which likely won't matter to us. or at least it shouldn't.

anyway. i've work to do. i don't want to, so i listen today to rackmaninoff and demonstrate how nicely i can right left. write. i'm still dyslexic. i guess that covers both sides.

before we get carried away.

i'm going to try slow down. concentrate on not moving.

until i come back.

_duck stop_

letter 01.07.02