john rah letter to

dear brother:

oh mikie. what a tangled web we weave when women come and leave. i believe i'm mad. so be careful with any advice i give you. first let me smoke just a small one.

everything is backwards. that's how i see it since i started writing left.

before i rave on about this young princess whose angel, the one in her that is her her. she has been an inspiration a mortal dare not hope for on account he wouldn't believe such a creature shared the planet. i know her angel loves me. i don't know if she will kiss me. somehow, it would be. extremely not usual.

though you told me only a little, i know inside your head. not every detail but the struggle. you are being a stubborn little bastard. and the only person you piss off is your self. most people love you. though you don't know why.

neither do i.

one of my angels liked to describe it as the child part of ones self, the growed up and something else. i like loon, wolf and bunnie. it doesn't matter. science says reptilian core of brain, the feelings layer. love. hate. and the third, the intellect. noting that the brain is also cut almost completely in two. make 6 perspectives try get along in one head. it's a full fuckin' time job.

so don't be surprised if you are confused. the only way for a human head to avoid confusion is to ignore it. and with the fuckin' thing on your shoulders all the time. jesus crackers.

shut up.

listen up head. we got life out here to deal with. let's keep it together.

number two. fuck paranoia. the enemy is stupid. and they got big mother ass weapons. so they got no reason to fear that a few hippies high on grass are going to put a wrench in the machine.

and in the end. they will thank us.

just take me too my grass farm on the river and i won't cry out anymore.

it's us now. we decide.

_duck stop_

if someone wants to fuck you, you don't have to let them.

she is so cool mikie.

if someone wants to love you, let them, no questions. love is second layer brain. questions are third layer brain.

she's somehow just one of the beautiful young women, like the world is full of, but she does things she can't possibly know, that simply makes me want to see it her way.

makes writing her story easier.

letter 01.06.02