john rah letter to

hey bobb:

strange, it is.

now that you know the story better than many.

it would make most sense, naturally, it we approached it. the point. from a philosophical. approach. never mind religion. we will assume, for the experiment.

perhaps we should watch out for assumptions. the question could start with the hole, or void, in humans that needs filling. no doubt religion helps fill the hole. like a truck load of gravel in the grand canyon. and i know i'm border line fanatical religious. i don't want anyone to take my word for it. i want many views of it.

so. along the way we started with a thought. it was lost. or gone.

the decision to be made, now i have it, is. gone again.

how to be.

perhaps that old saying from the 70's.

or more often said by some circles of humans, angels too, way to be.

both make me think of stoat. and it's true. always. whatever someone or thing, plant, animal, universe. it is a way to. be. it is and everything in it. is. where as things and events no in it. aren't. and if it is all of it, there isn't anything that isn't.

which would make almost everything possible.

if we accept that our meaning means anything. but even if not beyond us. then as far as us, if we chose to believe it.

and belief can have a way of creating meaning.

perhaps meaning can evolve. into to a thing that is. we've got a good start on it. seeing it.

i'd smoke one but no smokables.

_bunny stop_

not only. shit, gone again. oh. maple syrup. not only good on almost anything. but also me royal dark brownie, advertising alert, i think with ice cream as well. vanilla perhaps. yogert.

eating is a big part of it. can be.

you know what i think about the silly why question. we know whyever it is, it is. dekart told them so. perhaps it must be reopened and explored.

if you don't think, you might not know that it is and you are in it.

how then to be.

letter 01.03.02