john rah letter to

dear angeline:

my right arm has left me while i pursue some of the wide world of the unknown with the left side. it has reevolutionalized my approach to the world and myself. you might not notice the difference because i have returned to where i was when we saw each other.

distance prohibits seeing. we will rely on common words. they are the most powerful weapons. one must take care how one use language. we want our fuckin' freedom of speech. but alas, one does seldom remember the meaning of a scream. we shall keep things to a whisper. so as not to be forgotten.

since the time when life had us looking at one another face to face, i have been working on a top secret case. the case we often hear talked about but find too absurd to think about. the classic cry for kids of all ages in many lands: what the fuck is happening here.

to outline it, the roman empire did not fall. here is a conversation extracted from secret rock files secretly acquired from the least secret world religious power:

"i think we go with the johnnie rice story. the kids and woman love him. we will make it the truth and can use our military for...."

there are cracks in the rock after that. but what has been discovered was the rocks always date back farther than the the roman play. our life. always corresponding to earlier writings of the opposing people's story. holy shit. and it matters not if any of it was true. it only matters what we are doing.

being slaves to a system which was based on the pillaging of lands and religions. and to make things real fucked up, ain't no one in control of it. no master conspiracy. a story out of control.

why did they bother with the story in the first place. madness.

and the people got lost in it.

and stuff like that. what most people don't know is that angels are real, they don't got wings. and it's mostly the story that's fucked up so i think we can still win and keep heaven safe from evil blood sucking overlords that set us up with all we need to hate, rape and murder.


i was about to be happy. but first a break.

_duck stop_

i wrote you a letter right after you sent me yours. it had given me great pleasure. i intend to write 36 letters. like paul. only i'm just doing humans. that will be clear why when we get to print.

kill you tv and read.

letter 01.01.02