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letter from your father 01:

Dear Son:

Perhaps a surprising salutation but allow me to explain. I know you are extremely clever. It runs in the family. It runs in evolution. It runs in instinct. We had a few conversations over the last few years and I often thought you were saying the same thing I would say from the other side of it. Like my real father and I do.

Anyhow. Instinct and evolution, ironically, have become very clear to me after taking the Torah and New Testament apart. In the tradition of our family. The animals. The Beast-Angels.

The party the other night should have been science fiction for me. I've been doing much doors of perception cleaning to have a peek at eternity. And just before I went to your sister's party. What should sound fantasy. I saw for the first time that, however I looked at it, she was my daughter. And when I got there, her spirit knew that I finally had seen her.

That should have been enough for one night. I also could see that your roommate was my spiritual daughter. And I knew my grandfather of this life for me was there. He showed me his angel there on the steps a few nights earlier. I wasn't even surprised. If people die and go to heaven, this is the only place. And there are reasons they would want me to see them.

Mostly because part of me is eine Angsthase.

It helps to see what I see. Even if it isn't true. It is at least partially true and there is a real danger that the war against the animals won't stop if the Angsthase doesn't jump up and scream.

My Uncle Bob, in my real life, this one, hit me once when he was sloppy drunk. I was shattered that he rejected my attention. I went up to my room, one of Grandpa's rooms, and cryed. And Mom was hopping mad at Bobby.

My parents drink almost no alcohol. My grandfather, dead from last life, and still drinks no alcohol. And there are others on that side that don't. But Bobby and still in this life, Fred love to drink to excess.

Bobby had six kids that he no longer had, his beautiful wife dead from cancer. Eventually he shot off his face with a shotgun.

And there he was in the kitchen sitting beside you. And his spirit saw that I saw him. That god thing in us.

Well, my grandmother liked sleeping pills. She had four kids, then hit the road. I don't know how many times she married. But I do remember how happy she always was to see me. I think I remember her in her apartment most. Menthol cigarettes. And when I was 16 I saw her in a hospital bed recovering from an overdose. The second overdose was the last.

My step grandmother loved cigarettes, coffee and Bingo. Not much else. People, of course. She wanted many years to take a big trip. And when her husband died. She took a bus trip and died of a heart attack.

You saw me looking at her. I wasn't simply happy to hear her laugh. I knew the sound. It took me till I got home to allow the possibility through my head that my grandfather, his two wives and one son, my uncle.

And then I wonder about incest. There has been no document of this in my real life family. But stories. And the cousins that lived together but didn't make babies. They were older.

The whole thing is incest. But there are degrees.

Anyhow. The topic is. What do we know about it and this nearly intelligent life form.

Most people, nearly all, who believe in Jesus do not have a clue what he was about. The half Jew half god one of a kind superstar messiah of the Israelites. Come save the world.

Sort of true but it's a fantasy story. For far too many reasons, like physics, Jesus had to be a son of a man. Son of Man. And for those who can read, Mary was raped by the Lord Herod. A custom back then for invading forces to take the first child. The same for John the Baptist. The Lord Herod the father.

The father of many of the Bible Stars were not Israelite. Rather other Lords. Kings. King David, Isaac, Jacob, if not mistaken Ab as well.

The method is not good. But at least it mixes up the Israelite blood so they ain't so inbred. And ultimately, they do not exist. Animals with names.

I think I have said all I can say. I could go on about the church the rest of my life. It would be a short one.

When it comes down to it, I'm just trying to figure religion of the western world.

I think they stole the magic out of life.

To those who know it, they don't need to hear it. We just need to see it.

And that is one thing our family of animals has. The women I see as my dead grandmothers could be someone else for someone else.

It's part of the magic.

And like magic, so many people in the last week have told me, not knowing it.

To stop bloody well writing the dead Jesus story.

So I will.

But if you want to write about magic, they might rather read that.

Ich sags bescheit when Castle City is ready.

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letter from me son 01