father to daughter letters


letter from your father 01:

Meine Liebe Tochter:

The faith of a mustard seed. That's what the Jesus 00 said. And Jesus 2000 has exactly that. I was looking at my plants on the balcony after a short visit with someone who is also my angel. Regardless of how I see things.

The mustard seed has absolutely no faith. And this is a brilliant discovery if I mast say so. But I will give the credit to one of your sisters. All I know for certain is that the woman I visited today loves me as I do her. And I have no faith. I was still a little nervous. What if she thinks I'm crazy. What if bare foot people aren't welcome in the bar. Maybe she will think I want to have sex with her.

Which I do. But my instinct also tells me I don't need to have sex with her. So I repeated remind myself. Because I have no faith.

And it is what keeps me going.

I know there was a time where we thought we had become like brother and sister. It is pretty much the same thing. A child of one's womb is also like a brother or sister. They teach each other things. Some time they fight. Sometimes the old, older in this life, think because I say so is an answer. It obviously isn't. We have seen that. If you can believe you are my daughter. Or better said. See it.

I'll tell you when I first saw it. Long before I saw what I was. I saw the little girl in you. The little angel girl. Very poaty. Very sweet. And I thought a little out of play. But those sort of things get burnt into my mind. Add it to the data bank and figure it out later.

Even a few years later.

Now, I have a feeling you are with a brother, maybe half brother or cousin, Jesus 00 had more than one woman, and the women had more than one man. Like it was before one male god war religions. The Moses, any King under any other name is ultimately. One sperm religion.

Like the Lion. Kill the gentiles, populate planet with our holy sperm. To hopefully put an end to evolution. The tree of life. To kill the snake.

instinct for comprehension. If I believed there were Jews, I'd come to the same point, if I was truly mad, as Hitler. Hitler, like me, also part Jew.

By name, somewhere.

Names are ultimately nonsense. Applied meaning. And if one isn't careful with names. Or if one chooses. One can take the names of things and make a big fat lie.

Like they did.

Most people who don't believe in the church think, oh, they help the old people. Those who think they have the faith of a mustard seed. And they do.

Faith is an illusion. Belief in Fantasy. They have a mental illness. Worse than aids and the atheist just ignore them and say, ultimately, let them burn in hell and die.

It ain't nice. They must be saved, these poor lost souls who think heaven is somewhere other than here.

Not just because we love them. Because hell has taken over most of paradise.

And that sucks. For everything here.

Ich kann mich sehr gut remembering. The first time I saw you. If I knew then what I know now, I would have thought, oh, one of my angels. But I didn't know what an angel was then.

So all I knew was I loved you. And that happened from the way from the door to beside the bar. I hadn't seen you front on yet.

And you were a little surprised to see me with whatever had charged me.

Pretty funny really. I had no idea what I was doing or saying. It was beyond my control. It was instinct. Nevermind hair colour. At least for other people. I don't see my obsession as anything other than instinct. And when the woman I love ever becomes the woman who allows me to share large portions of time, even when she is in the same town she charges me. Funny also is that my grandmother who I can also see in her had the name of that colour. For me more beautiful than a pile of it.

"Look, Jesus is talking in riddles again."

Anyhow. The first time I saw the woman in question was the last day I waited for you at your work. She had, in 6 seconds of verbal and eye contact, made something perfectly clear.

I'm still working on it. And that as long as she exists, I will have to tell anyone else I fall in love with, besides, shit you are my daughter, that there is the woman who is my inspiration. And everything I have done in the last, how many years since our last trip. Is for the little bitch. With the energy. And the faith of a mustard seed from birth. A true goddess.

That's just love talk, of course. I'm sure the fur will fly if we play together enough.

It's in our blood.

Our DNA. 2 billion years of evolution of carbon base water sacks. Unbelievable. Luckily we need the faith of a mustard seed to see our environment. No creature is better at seeing its environment.

It makes us the gods. We decide what to do with our great talents. And one of our talents is creating. Building. Making. We simply need to understand what.

We shut down the death cults and build a sustainable human theater that is a part of the real life theater with the rest of life in it.

The planet needs more trees and no lies.

Ich bin vor die Luge zustandig.

It's weird. The woman in me is her. I've tryed to make it not so in my book and was told by someone close to me in mind. And the rest. No man. It makes no sense. I already knew it. Barbaralba would. And for what she would, one must read Castle City. When it's done. I'm sort of holding out for another kiss. Even if she wants to pretend she would rather not.

But we won't talk about that either.

After a few more letters, I will right it how it must be written.

Then the topic will be closed. No Jesus on the stand. It's just a way of being. Simple, like Uncle John said. In a land where they are raised on technology, the one sided news, then they will explain to the workers that the technology world is our salvation.

Some are waiting for Jesus but that ain't the point. The point is, anyone can be Jesus. Christ. There are no sins. We just need to learn to love. And something I learn slow, you can't make exception.

Like we had in Summer School english. We me. And the others. But I don't know if anyone else got it.

Hate returns to plague the hater.

So I must also leave any names and institutions behind and focus on, well, my book for a starter.

But also my first love is many people's first love. A language that breaks barriers. Musik.

I think I'll sing a song now. See if I can slow down writing. Which starts already.

Auch gutt. Everything is backward. Of course we need technology for going off into space. And there is no reason not to have it hear. As long as it doesn't kill us. Even if dentists sometimes seem scary. It certainly is nice to have teeth that see too much sugar get holes removed.

Maybe I try a bit of food.

I'm a little Aufgeragt, partly, because of the woman. Like that love madness. It is what has inspired many artists. And I will be moving shortly to science fiction.

And then whatever she or it has lined up for me. I'm convinced ADS is a normal animal condition. My last Beziehung. She was always amazed at how I changed when I got to the woods.

And this is why. Everything is true. How ever it is. In the city, most everywhere there are illusions and hazardous lies.

I know you know all this. You and I aren't the point. The point is the others who read this and wonder. And take the chance to go into a jungle. Or a forest. And see its simple honesty.

And then feel the spirits. Not with chemicals. I'm not preaching, it is a by product of stress society. Let me out for a day. Take a trip. Because it is so bloody hard to find the woods anymore.

For one, we are too busy or too poor. For two, they are almost completely gone. 80% is gone.

That's a bloody serious danger. Ain't a thing Jesus can do. But it is a thing a billion Jesuses could do.

Wake up and smell the poison.

Do we need to go on here.

I leave the rest to you.

I will write less.

I will fade out of this mission and set up a new mission. But no more St. Bob or St. Jack. One world temple.

Sacred planet. Least for the next couple million years.

Write your Father

letter from me daughter 01