brother to brother letters


letter from me brother 01:

Dear Brother:

The time has come and the story was written for us. Everything is backwards. We are the good heathens. The friendly bohemians. And the power to save the planet has been given to us.

If you ain't got the balls. Oh well. I can only do what I can do.

I've known you were my brother since I saw into your eyes. If you were than you are. Anyhow we talk about the family business first. They wrote a book to sell the laws of the Church to take some of the power of the synagogue. And they used our family name. Now our name is used as a curse word. I think we could use a few other first names other than mine.

How about Judas Christ or Peter Christ. Of flog it. James Christ. Clean up your room.

Anyhow. Since our last big theater, the war lords have given us many toys of technology. Heavens. We can even shoot each other with big ass guns now.

The weapon for us is us. The animals with technology. And the new new testament has been written and now it must be sold. It is free for those who take it from the web. But we can also sell it. As a printed book. And if you don't want to sell that and receive your family cut. There is the DVD. People love to listen to books. I remember my roommate's old new testament on tape. 12 tapes. I listened and read the new testament. The last time. I was not too impressed with the story.

They make it sound like Jesus was one of a kind special edition issue just because Herod raped our virgin mother. It doesn't make me feel so special. I am, however, still just a little sexier.

Jesus laughed.

I don't know if you know what it's like to have people look at you and judge you because you are not the same as them.

I better take a break.

It's raining today. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing this till later.

My once Frau. I don't like the English word for Frau. Woman yes. Not the one that suggests ownership. Anyway. She said I should write a real life story. And I thought that not at all a bad idea. I have a hell of a time with fiction anywhore. In fact. Some fiction really gets on my nuts. Especially the kind they build church business around.

Although it is our story, there will be those who oppose us. Like the synagogue did when we chased them out for selling rabbits.



We will be cutting into their business. It is as simple as that. They will see we are taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

Us. But not only us. We will be a voice and hopefully a hand for the underdogs. The third world is screaming and we'll start by giving a percentage of what we sell back to the other side.

But we shan't talk about it for until we actually do something, we are just more hot air. So we will stick to the story and how to sell it.

The idea of this letter is to get you to write back to your brother. About whetever you think.

I ain't got no more time in my day. The hours have been all eaten away.

I was thinking about how some things are still the same. The stories about our sister Josephine. I can't find the reference. But they didn't like the drunken men she spent her time with.

The theater has become tedious. So we gonna change the stage. Tear off the roof and let in the sun. Or rain.

But the rain makes it a good day to write. And a day of writing is like a day of creating history. Decentralize. DeImperialize. And burn a law every day.

Anyhow. It was good that I saw you with that other band. I saw you animal.

Let's illustrate, for our readers, an example of backwards interpretation.

Luke 1 vs. 28: The angel came to her and said, "Peace be with you! The Lord is with you and has greatly blessed you!"

The Lord was a Lord. At the time was the bastard Lord Herod. And he loved to rape little girls. And our mother was a pretty little girl promised to Dad. And the Lord Herod raped her and told her she was lucky. She was going to pop out a messiah that would tear down the Death Cult of her ancestors so that the Romans could made a death Cult with her son.

And we are supposed to believe that is holy. Holy rape my mother.

This is not very holy. Not at all original. We have turned women into slaves. Our story that was meant to alert the people of the world that on the world was where heaven had its little piece of paradise. And they want to continue to be both anal retentive and abusive to women. There are many countries. Cuntrees. Most countries place the woman below the man. They make State rape holy. They fuck us up the ass dry and tell us to like it.

That was just random out of the Bible. Shall we try one more.

Luke 5. vs. 41: Demons also went out from many people, screaming. "You are the Son of God!"

Demons my ass. That's what the women say after a day of communion.

One more. Luke 9 vs. 54: When the disciples James and John saw this, they said, "Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?"

My dear brother. A little more subtlety please. Is all I said. I did not rebuke you.

Jesus laughed. Come. One more. Let's be serious for this one.

Luke 12 vs. 10: "Anyone who says a word against the Son of Man can be forgiven; but whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven."

The Holy Spirit is the god in us. The gods. Angel in beautiful beast bodies. The church has made us look bad. And I think it's okay for us to take it personally. For, if it was only the family name they had abused, we would have forgotten it was ever our name after so many lives. But they have put us all in cages and told us to like living in cages because we are not really animals.

That. They can not say. For it is a blasphemy against all of instinct and evolution. They want to nail us down to their laws so we no longer evolve. They are afraid of what we will become.

And for those new here.

Genesis 3 vs. 5: God said that, because he knows that when you eat it you will be like God(s) End Quote.

In this case, God was the same person as the Lord that raped our mother. It is made clear that the war Lords, who like to think of themselves as the one true God. Lord knows there have been enough of them. That prick was one of the same pricks that still runs the show. The tired theater.

War and plunder. And the Church as their prostitute.

We are the gods. They can be taken out of evolution if they don't stop the lie. We want the material wealth of the Catholic Church returned to the people. All of it. Send it back to Africa. Back to South America.

I like this idea, Brother.

That should get us shot. Unless we can get a billion people on our side. Which shouldn't be a problem. Everyone can stop giving them money and instead of giving 10% of their income to the prostitute of War and Plunder. Send it to Greenpeace or World Wild Life or teach the children evolution. Feed the kids. Free drinking water. If we could just convince people of that, the evil prick they call the Pope will flip his lid. And then they might even see the point.

That even evil pricks can find their way back to heaven.

Save the Pope. Send your money somewhere else.

Fuck the Pope. Use a condom.

By the way, my brother. I am glad you came. And I love you.

Inspiration comes to those who write.

One very scary thing is, our mother doesn't believe she was raped.

Chance is a beautiful thing. I may read something in I Ching one day. If I'm not mistaken, it's the premise.

As chance would have it, I did not know really who I was until I read through John 16. John is just a name. But it's also the name of one of my brothers who has been a friend a long time, like a brother and in the angel part of his mind, he knows we are spiritual brothers and I think it funny that everyone has some kind of trouble with John. Just 'cause he's an asshole. Well. The family is notorious for being assholes. And whatever your trouble is with our sister. I won't tell you which one.

I will laugh. However.

And think of what a friend once said in the office when we thought we had a million dollar business.

"I'll throw it all right back at them."

John, our brother, thinks we should simply say religion is stupid and let it go. Well, that might be his opinion. Maybe he is just playing. I like the idea of throwing it all right back at them.

Talk inquisition if you want.

They must be exposed for what they are. Know your enemy. That's us brother. We have been inside the mind fuck. We have no right to be silent. Too many illiterate people would love to have the chance we have. Heavens, you can even read like an English professor. If I had your talent, I would read the new new testament. I don't. My brain is geared a little different. So that I can spit words out of a cheep stolen complaintary pen.

I was into pencil for a while. 2 months. Eco feel.

Later. I don't even separate my garbage.

But I ain't good. That ain't my point. My brother.

Shit. Let's see if we get this done before you get here.

We'll go random.

Acts 13. vs. 22: After removing him, God made David their king. EQ

Nice hit. If you tie your shoes twice, I might finish this up.

Removing him refers. Shit. I have to type it still. So relax. Removing him means King Saul. Removing was the standard: Slaughter Saul and his closest relatives. And later David put all the grandsons on pig poles. Up their asses. So that they died bleeding on the soil. A act, David said, for the grain god. That is a whole lot of Blasphemy.

God here means the prostitute of the War Lords. The priests and lawyers.

David's mother. Also raped by the state. Gave David to the synagogue. The priests and lawyers raised him.

To be the murderer of 10s of thousands.

And we are to believe this is holy. Brainwashing a child its whole life to wage war on Gentiles. You are cheep whores you bloody priests. Laws of blind hate.

This is not a holy book. Christianity has been revoked by the Christ family.

Lay down your crosses. Stop preaching the lie.

Stop giving money to the Church. If you are in Germany, get out of the state church tax.

Send your money anywhere else.

Bla bla bla and we're taking the power back.

The last paragraph is this one and contains no information. In keeping with.

Go Read the Bible.

Write your Brother.

letter from my brother 01