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letter from the story telling sister 01:

Dear Sister:

"Initiative comes to those who wait." Said the guy in clockwork orange. I'm seriously considering a break from writing. Sunday isn't, however, the best time for me to start not writing.

Like I've mentioned a few times, I don't believe there is meaning in coincidence. I also don't think. Something about the world and how it's run. But let's figure out how there is any reality in you being my sister.

Lustig. I was exactly this far into the letter to my friend I refer to as a bastard. When the same person called. I wouldn't make a religion out of it. In fact, I am attempting to refute all religions based on Moses. It is a topic which seems to dictate our way of life. I was pretty certain when I was a kid that something seriously twisted lay coiled in the bowls of belief.

I don't want this letter translated. Least till the new new testament is translated. And when money comes into the production company putting on the anti conspiracy conspiracy. Then we might have funds. Every one loves a conspiracy and we got a good one here.

We do it for the fish and Martin Luther. And the rest of the animals. And, though they don't all know it, we are all animals. And instinct is a very real thing. It can tell you things that aren't supposed to be real. Like you being my sister. Religion says we die and go to heaven or hell.

The message of Jesus said no. We are animals of instinct, this is heaven and life is eternal. This is heaven.

And that's really crazy if you belong to a Religion that tells us life is hell and bloody well shut up and do what you are told or you don't get to go to heaven.

And one day I was walking alone with Barbaralba on the street and I had to look once to see if she was there because I had a feeling she was part of me. And she was still there and I haven't seen her since I mentioned I was in love with her. Still it feels like part of me is her.

She is my motivation. Maybe that's enough to ask of her. But things as they are, with physical reality and the rest of it, I'd like to see her a little more.

Until then, I'll write and or write.

Or produce, co produce. Let someone else produce and I watch. A DVD. And maybe the barbarian bird can read the Germany DVD. So many things to do.

And that is how I need it to be.

Anyhow. The new story is: we are the gods. This is considered blasphemy by most belief systems. And I think, for keeping us just a little humble, I like to say we are the beast angels. There is likely an eastern religion that says something similar. And, it has come to pass, that upon seeing the woman we have talked about, I have learned to see the angel in the animal.

And learning to listen and see and feel, the instinct in me on full alert, I can see and hear things with. You see what I'm trying to poke at.

Let's back up 30,000 years. No technology. No TV. No handies. If we wanted to survive we had to trust our instinct. And we also had to trust one another with our lives. This seems scary. But it was very different. Like a pack of wolves.

Let's jump, without a bridge, to evolution. The western religions tell us there is no evolution. In fact, they are building museums with dinosaurs and adam and eve all sitting around the camp fire. And I don't make a joke. Scientist who claim the life on Earth is 2 billion years old, will soon have to leave the US of A.

Unless we can wake the buggers up.

And there isn't much they need to know. Just the message of how Jesus would do it. Love Life and Love one another. That is how it was 30,000 years ago. Religion is the prostitute of War and Plundering. That was the message John gave us in Revelation. It wasn't until recently. After the WW2. We started to question the validity of the church.

And so far, the atheists have asked only to not be pestered by the Church. That is, however, what the Church does. It pesters. And it makes laws. It demands worship to a one god theory told by a story about a mad man in the desert with 600,000 soldiers and their families. And herds of sheep, goats and cattle.

Funny. I wasn't at all inspired before I started this letter. Inspiration, I have heard and learned, comes from writing. I'm a different thing when I write.

An obsessed lunatic. Or as a friend once said. A maniac.

Anyhow. This is an online letter. And should you write back. On paper if you wish, I'll put it on line. Because I believe communication will save us. There is a very major war on this planet since the men's club has cursed women and knowledge and made war and plunder and their prostitute of the heaven is death lie. And as impossible as it seems. They must be fought. And language and knowledge is our best weapon.

So are you in. Sister.

I know now who I must write to next. And he just happens to be a brother. And how he got to this town is another story.

So let us talk about this town and why angels tend to flock here and not leave. Half the population of the planet lives in cites. And if you see enough of other cities and you don't care too much about money, this is a good town. And it is a group of people just a little different.

"They're all bloody well insane."

This is a matter of perspective. And I don't remember hearing anyone really say that. Weird. Strange. I've heard that.

That is true anywhere. The world is insane. Here is like a holiday resort compared to most of the world.

And there lies the rub. The whole planet has to become a holiday resort or there will be no more towns like this. Because the big industries want us to mistrust or brother and beat our sister. Divide and concur.

And 20 years ago I had little hope for the world. Since then there is internet. Also full of vipers but also the beast angels. Many of them only need to know that angels are everywhere. And it will become slowly obvious.

And when we know that evolution has been the reincarnating and mutating of DNA and Genes. Mixing information. Physically. 2 billion years. Language is an extension. Still the same thing. A mutation that works.

As long as we don't let tyrants pervert the meaning of our language.

I just saw what in English is called a falling star. In German the word for Star is also used. And it ain't true. It is a small rock which we call a meteorite. Burning up in our thin atmosphere. Stars don't fall anywhere but into themselves becoming a black hole. Super nova before that. Destroying unbelievable distances. So that life is only possible when stars are a long way from other dieing stars.

And here we are, some still wondering how we got here. Some proclaiming loudly that god did it 6000 or less years ago.

For those readers that don't know how we got here, listen up. A universe is, in a different way than we see life, a thing that is likely classifyable as life. Some speculate the explosion of a massive black hole. Some say the exhaust from a space ship. Which isn't an insane idea.

The universe. Ours. At the start in these dimensions. 10 or 11 or them. Practically all of it unknown to us. But we can see the stars moving and project back mathematically where they are going and where they where. And this point was about 13.7 billion years ago.

Half a billion years of exploding energy before the first atoms. I've said this all before so let us skip to our sun. A fair distance away from the starting point and nicely riding along in what we call the milky way.

30 billion stars. Just a guess. It's just one of countless clusters of stars. Numbers get right silly when trying to measure everything. We don't need to because we are carbon based water sacks that have evolved on a most seldom piece of paradise for evolution. Evolution almost never gets what it has here.

But also more than never. It is the nature of a universe. And if there is any truth in space technology. We may be a good thing for a universe to have. To make more offspring. This notion need not be pondered all day. Important is to know that we are in it.

This is us in a universe. A universe full of stars among many other even scarier things. And we got a few kilometers of atmosphere to protect us from all of it. Which except for here. Is for beast-angels. Hell. And we don't exist there. We need a paradise for life to exist. To have senses. To touch and see. Feel. Without a life paradise and vigorous evolution, we don't get to read this.

We don't get to the point in life where we know that we are here. In a universe.

And we can do with it as we please. That is the nature of a universe. This makes us the gods. As soon as we stop destroying and start creating. It will be us that create new worlds. First here on this planet. Then on the moon. Then on mars. Then we will farm asteroids and build five more planets around the sun.

If we can stop war and plunder and the great lie that heaven is when we die.

We are very much all one thing. This life thing. It's the road to the gods. It's possibility is inevitable. If we allow the war lords to kill the planet we simply miss out on paradise.

So that's why I refuse to be silent. Losing everything is simply too much. And eternal reoccurrence, however it is, it's all cycles. And we are free to like it.

And do with it as we will.

Write Your Sister

letter from my sister 01