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letter from the east 01:

Dear Bing:

I watched a wasp gently kill a caterpillar before ripping into its flesh. That's just part of it. The other part of it is, who in there right mind would want to be Jesus Christ. Who is in their right mind. What's a wrong mind. Or left mind.

I found, by chance, for intention is often blinding, the dollar I thought was in your possession. And read the birthday greeting and thought. Oh. And a few other things.

I was working my way through the Torah to keep my writing fit and noticed I was getting very angry. Some times so furious that I wanted to rip out the throat of Moses. And when the inbred Egyptian bastard finally shut his face asshole and died, I gave up on the Jews. Anyone who believed in one true God as created and defined by Moses and other tyrannical dictators before and after him.

Are fools.

And this is not a funny thing. The Koran and New Testament and almost every western religion is based on the Jewish pack of lies. And I must see this while sitting in a land where anti jews are not looked upon with favour.

Flog 'em. Philosophy in not a Sunday afternoon picknick.

Anyhow, I have a friend who has given me some Bruce music. I'm doing, "The ghost of Tom Jones" now. Rage Against the Machine has a sweeter version. I don't know who wrote it. But like many songs, it is brutally true. The prophets writing on tenement walls.

We are going to win. There are a few more animals in the yard. And they are waking up.

I won't take time to take the Koran apart, not because it shouldn't be taken apart, it is not my area of expertise. Jesus is. And shortly after I started taking the new testament apart I knew I would be putting it back together. For the love of Jesus.

Which some would call blasphemy. Most who call it blasphemy think blasphemy is a bad thing. And refuse to read the new new testament.

"All blasphemy shall be forgiven. Except for blasphemy against the holy spirit."

And that is not true because there is a dictator God. It is true because there isn't. There is life. And there are very hard laws. And we know that we have broken them.

I like Monster Magnet more than Bruce. Especially Power Trip.

Anyhow. This is all online at is Jose Wombat and Nonmembership Association backed by the Bill Chase foundation of Geniuses and Master Minds. Anny Howard, alias Barbaralba, alias Jesus Christ with John Rah, have, without previous intention, written a decree of war against the war lords.

The big scary pricks that have been waging war on the world since about the advent of Theism. The men's club. The Flogging war lords.

I am attempting to avoid some of the most popular cuss words. The six gospels have next to none. I've used them freely for Moses and Paul. Because I could not control myself.

I'm getting better, however. Not that I give a rat's ass about flogging cuss words. But for the love of my ancestors, I will let them go. And find other words. Urine big trouble you flogging horse's ass. For example.

The governing forces of our governing forces is a critical problem. And I am convinced that I can most effectively work against them with words of wisdom. And is determined to propagate desire to know and fight the real enemy.


Not you and me but all of us. The obedient, flog. I still can't spell. Don't Obey. Break the Law into small pieces and tear down the Lie. Sounds like I'm still 18. Or 14. Well. Some of the animals do not want to grow up.

Anyhow. I think anyone can be Jesus. It's quite simple. The choice is, worship money, paper gold. Or say no thank you. I want to be an animal alive on the only piece of paradise in this corner of the milky way.

Getting married was one of the best things I did. Getting divorced was even better. Now I would like to slow down with writing and do a relationship thing. With naked embrace. Sex can be nice. But it is naked embrace I most long for here in my simi reclusion.

I may have hesitated many years writing the new new testament for a million reasons. One was fear for my own life. And what makes me most upset about this fear is that it is unfounded. I have died many times. Even if I'm not really Jesus, one life, even mine, does not matter. What matters is what one does with a life. Even if one is ignorant of reincarnation because the big lie makes us blind. Still. If what I have to say get's me killed. It is the murderers that will lose. Evolution will leave such mutations behind.

There will be no Star Wars. Before a creature gets to the stars they must know and be gods. And gods are creators. Idiots. Dumb primates are destroyers and war lovers. Hate lovers. Death Cult morons.

Food time.

I eat rice most days now. With fruit and vegetables. And canned fish. And the new new testament is written for that fish we ate up on the mountain. The bastard that thought he could defy me. He still laughs at me in my head. And I laugh back.

Anyhow. I'm hoping, me and Margaret Lawrence, that you will write some of your thoughts. You don't have to even agree with me. That's the kind of person I am.

Any new non church church needs good letter writers. I have learned to like Paul's letters. And John's. But the time has come to know our gods. And they ain't money or the Pope. They ain't hardly anything like what all that false gods say god is.

Funny thing was. I was always very determined not to make another bloody religion. It was an obvious temptation one would face when one became a writer with authority. So this is backward to the Bible. We don't know it all. We encourage blasphemy. We rebuke belief. We redirect followers into the desert. And we blatantly include contradiction.

The old new testament did not have the freedom I have. We have.

Freedom not only of speech, but a world communication system which is almost accessible to all who can read. Almost is exaggerated. But compared to 50 years ago. We have freedom of speech like never before.

Rice is almost done. I really like Peter Tosh. As well.

I hope you read the new new testament on account you are familiar with the other testaments and would be very qualified to respond to what I and my angels have found hidden like diamonds in cow shit.

Let's get retrospective and listen to Jim's American Prayer. How it ended up on my computer is a little ironic. I had the 2 CD collection and a couple other songs. But had not really listened to Jim for a long time until the young man who harbors my grandfather's spirit came by with some music I would have had on my computer back in college. And in one of my grandfather's letters, in response to that letter I wrote to the free press. He asked if rock music was necessary.

And I wrote back. It was vital. As long as we were misguided by the state and all its various other parts. Such as the war industry. The plundering of the earth industry. And the belief industry.

And like a true bastard, my friend with my grandfather's spirit tells me Jim ain't dead and what he said still mattered. So I laugh. And listen to Jim. And know some of him is part of me. Just as Nietzsche and Wittgenstein. Lewis Carol. Copernicus. Galileo. Jesus Christ and then I start to realize me is a approximate thing. I am the one that records what we know. And I love it. Not as much as music. But I have allowed that I wait till I am 50 to put music ahead of writing. For one must put one's full energy into it.

Anyhow. That guy in the class ahead of us found Jesus on acid. Jesus didn't do acid. The guy did. And he heard us listening to Jim's American prayer. And he told me, 'I also used to be possessed by the devil.' And I thought, Man, you still are. Jim was a god. Not that one should worship. We are all gods. He was very bright. Maybe a little frustrated. For who isn't when they see that the priests stole heaven. And a lizard king is little different than a fish king. And that is what I am.

"I will always be a word man."

You might have noticed that the US of A has gone mad. Well, we knew that back on the mountain. If you haven't read the new new testament you might not know that John, in his revelation, called US of A the second Beast. Washington. The first beast, the roman Empire. John was in it and could see it. He saw it would crash and saw that the Church, The Roman Catholic, would not fall. It, the Vatican, is the first Beast. And the fountain of youth is what the church refers to as adultery. And worse.

Not surprising. Stamping out the culture you stamp out. The first beast. Roman Empire. The second Beast. American Empire. Stamp stamp stamp. Until we grovel in fear under their insane laws. Shall we ignore it.

One must not forget that the church is an extension of the synagogue.

"Forgive the poor old people who gave us entry, taught us God in the child's prayer in the night." Jim

He is telling me to forgive my parents. Our parents. For they know not what they do.

But we can't bow down, like our parents. If not for us, for the lizards and the fish.

A mind is a wonderful thing. Language a beautiful creature. We are more than just primates. The magic is real and tangible.

"Let's reinvent the gods, the myths of the ages." Jim. Very clear. Jim was an angel. Is.

Anyhow. Bing. I limit myself to six pages to a letter. I try to save words. Use them wisely. Doubt is the Devil. And it is very real. Has us all by the balls. And I never know what the next sentence will be.

It is time to lash out at the rule of ignorance through violent fear. The system is sucking us dry and it must be taken apart and reconstructed. Decentralized.

So if you got a few spare moments. Vomit onto paper whatever. The times have changed. The animals rule.

This last paragraph will contain only the information that this is the last paragraph. And happy birthday. Of course.

Write Your Brother

letter from the west 01