looking for willy

major member of the antikult band
Maybe Willy.

I didn't tell him what, but asked him if he was interested. A few years back. He said yes. Most musicians are like that. Give 'em a place to play and they will.

The only problem with Willy is that he's so good and professional and one of a kind that they, the orchestra in Berlin, pays him copious amounts of money to have him as theirs. And you can stay there till you retire. And get drunk most days and play your part blind folded.

Which is not an advantage. One forgets about hunger and desire. Falls into a comfortable rut. Forgets about the world.

So we see where we can get him to come to or go.

Not only is he talented, he has worked at it like a real professional. He plays most anything that uses sticks. And most everything else as well. Keyboards. Sax.

The only thing missin' is something not music.

I think I know what but I ain't gonna say.

I'm just gonna call him up, or run into him, and tell him. No one got to be fully sane like me, long as they are willing. I think Willy is.