looking for doug

major member of the antikult band
Doug. This, admittedly is a long shot. Doug was a friend of friends and we hung out maybe a summer or two.

He grew up with drum sticks as far as I could tell. He had his drum set set up in the basement. I don't remember ever seeing siblings but I'm sure he had parents.

He often played with the head phones on his head, listening to something like Kiss. Everyone was into Kiss. We even snuck into a concert one night at the Gardens. I didn't like it.

I liked watching Doug play to their music. It made it better. Or when he played with live humans.

He was the king of wheelies. He could ride on one tire, the back one, a ten speed. One handed, with the other waving free. Until he tired of it.

Though he wasn't as big as most of the rest of us, I don't remember him ever loosing an arm wrestle.

He was unbelievable at table soccer. He had bank shots, which in Europe can't be done because the banks are different, that were so fast. You could see where they went because the white from the ball left a stain in the air for a moment. You could hear that it had hit the side and the wood behind the goalie.

And that is cooler than being a pinball wizard.

The power of controlled frenzy. Like Keith Moon on less drugs.

Drums are a medium for his mad beast to be wild.

I don't know if he still goes at it.