looking for gabe

major member of the antikult band
When I moved to Toronto, Brent was the only person I knew there. He was involved with, mostly because they were friends and he built it, a studio that was a small part of the studio, independent of, gabe worked for.

Gabe was one of the guys in Comfort sound. On Soho. They had some big names, like Oscar Peterson and Carol Pope. Bill.

Soho in Toronto. Off Queen west. There where the Red Bull is. Before the caffeine drink. Across the street from the Red Bull was a big parking lot, where at least once what's, Jeff Healy, ha, that's his name. He could sponsor us. Unless I spelled his name wrong.

Any way. I saw Depressed Mode in the Red Bull. Unannounced. Warm up for the concert the next night. I wouldn't have know they were anyone. He looked like a normal guy with too much effect on his voice.

Gabe always had a band and when he played at the Red Bull or the Rivoli, we all went to see him. Back then it was rock 'n' roll. He had the Band Wisconsin Johnstons, they won the Q107 Rock Contest one year. Record deal and air play.

He was better known for Gabe Lee and the Sky Scrappers.

These days he's Gabe Lee. On the internet for sure.

He has a beautiful voice and should have had a major hit with Sea of Love from a more resent CD.

But for some reason people still like pop music.

Most people demand too little.

In the last couple years, Gabe has written the music for some of my songs:

truck drivin' woman was our first effort, before i was even sure I wanted to sing. Fuckin' Loser was also written with Gabe. i gotta woman were the cords he gave me for i wanna woman. but i wanted i wanna woman to be jumpier. So it's more like the country blues of truck drivin' woman.

Gabe is steady like the Pacific. Likely the most professional of the lot of us. He lacks only something like, the rest of us.